Scissors and Tweezers

Scissors and Tweezers

Scissors 25 cm

S-shaped plant scissors for trimming of aquarium plants.High quality brushed stainless steel.Also ideal for smaller aquariums, due to the S-shape.How to use the productThe plants should be trimmed regularly, in order to achieve the desired result with for instance a dense bottom carpet or beautiful bushy stem plants. 
Scissors and Tweezers


Eases the planting in new and established aquariums High quality stainless steel For planting of both tiny carpet plants and larger plants Also a great tool to help you place Nutrition Capsules in the bottom layer How to use the product Learn how by watching the video! Grab the plant at the root with the tweezers and press the plant into the gravel,...
Handy plant scissors for trimming of aquarium plants. High quality brushed stainless steel. Also ideal for smaller aquariums; they are short (only 15 cm) and the spring system makes them very easy to handle. How to use the product Aquarium plants will sooner or later require trimming, in order to avoid that fast-growing plants take control and spoil the...

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